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Life is here to be loved and I want to give you the tools to do so.


Deal with the shit you're holding onto, figure out who you really are and what’s really important to you, then feel good about yourself for being authentic and fully accept yourself for who you are.

I use the Demartini Method which is a highly effective tool to help you transform any form of stress or conflict, and I love applying this to physical health.

Through asking a set of key questions, we get to the core of the issue and I then help you change your perspective on people or events in your life. 

The process changes your brain wiring and chemistry, which has a knock-on effect with the rest of your life.

It's great for dealing with:

  • trauma

  • loss or breakups

  • shame and guilt

  • health crises or pain

  • resentment or anger towards a person or situation

  • anxiety and depression

  • exorcising your demons! 

pain, Injury & illness  rehabilitation

You've tried everything to get better but are still experiencing the hopelessness and frustration of persistent pain or illness.  I know how you feel. 

I know the frustration of not being able to do what you love, feeling that your body is out of control and the overwhelm, futility and helplessness that comes with it. 


If you feel like you'll never get better and believe you're crazy for still having this issue after all this time and to feel confused and let down by conflicting opintions and health care systems, I'd love to help you. 

If you are struggling self worth - feeling you're not lovable, damaged goods as a result of a health issue, I've been there and overcome it. 

You fear of the problem returning and are consumed by it, the fear of getting it again ten times worse, only to end up trying treatments that give you side effects so there's no healing of the original problem.

When we've lived with a problem so long it can be difficult to imagine life without it or know where to turn. 


Often the solution lies within us and it is my job to arm you with the tools to take control of your situation and trust your body to heal itself without the need for scary and painful treatments.   


My aim is to provide you with physical and mental tools to get to the core of the issue and help you take control of your situation and set yourself up for healing.  I'll help you transform your body from enemy to ally. 

Your recovery is very much down to YOU.  Think of me as a catalyst or facilitator, rather than a miracle healer.  I will shower you with all the TLC and tools in my arsenal but you have to be prepared to work too. 

Hi, I'm Amy slevin

I empower people through movement and mindset.  

I help people who have persistent pain, injuries or illness using an osteopathic and psychological approach.  I've assisted people with issues ranging from severe back pain, recurring infections, depression, childhood trauma.  I simply help people to help themselves by turning adversity into opportunity

I've always been into movement, from dance to parkour and lots in between.  I used to be an osteopath but switched to yoga because it was a more fun and effective way of getting people in pain better, and adding in a psychological approach tackles stressors that often contribute to pain.  


My own injuries and my frustrations with osteopathy led me to study long term pain, the mind-body connection and change the way I work, incorporating brain training and

up-to-date research on pain and mental health.


I am trained in the Demartini Method, which I use to help people and I give talks and workshops on pain, illness, injuries and movement. Click here for info.

I love to move and have a laugh (at myself) in the process.  If you are into that too and want the group exercise vibe, check out my classes.  I also love handstands and teach people how to do them. I have been teaching fun yoga classes since 2013.  FlowMotion developed as a way to combine all of the movement styles I enjoy in one class.  Plus the spiritual stuff isn't my bag.  

So if you want help overcoming a physical or emotional difficulty and you're prepared to do some hard work, get in touch and let's get you sorted. 



in person and online


2.30pm Triyoga Camden & online


6.30pm GMT Dynamic  Level 2  (60 mins)


6.30pm Yin via Yogaloft All levels (60 mins)


10am GMT Dynamic  Level 2-3   (60 mins)

Live streamed from Virgin Active Clapham


7pm Yin (Relax Soft Flow) Yogaloft @Home 

Those times don't work for you?  Access class recordings HERE 

For a musical accompaniment to classes there are Spotify playlists you can access.

Here is a link to pre-recorded classes on Ekhart Yoga. 

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dynamic flow
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