LIVE - STREAM classes

**I will be live streaming classes while public classes are suspended until further notice.** 

Keeping you limber and entertained while we're confined.  Classes will be streamed into your home via Zoom - please download the app (the free version!). 



This schedule is flexible so please let me know what times you'd love to have classes.  It's not like I'll have anywhere else to be but perhaps you want some routine in your life.

I will email you a link to join the class 10-15 minutes before it's due to start. 


10am GMT Dynamic    (75 mins)

(11am CET, 1pm DBX,  5pm ICT, 6pm AWST)

6pm GMT Restorative Flow    (75 mins)

(7pm CET & SA, 9pm DBX, 1pm EST)



6.15pm GMT Creative Flow via Yogaloft 

(7.15pm CET & SA, 1.15pm EST, 10.15am PST)

7.45pm GMT Handstands   (60 mins)

(8.45pm CET, 2.45pm EST, 11.45am PST) 


10.30am GMT - Over 60's Move & Stretch    (30 mins)

(11.30am CET & SA, 1.30pm DBX, 5.30pm ICT, 6.30pm AWST)


6.30pm GMT Dynamic   (60 mins)

(7.30pm CET & SA, 1.30pm EST, 10.30am PST)


8.30am GMT Dynamic   (60 mins) 

(9.30am CET & SA, 11.30am DBX, 3.30pm ICT, 4.30pm AWST)  


6.30pm Yin via Yogaloft (60 mins)

Weekly unlimited classes £20

(excludes Handstands and studio classes) 

For a musical accompaniment to classes there are Spotify playlists you can access below.  Sound quality is much better if you play the music at your end, rather than hearing it from mine. 

Click here for Dynamic playlist

Click here for Chilled/ Restorative Flow Playlist

Click for Over 70s playlist 

To prepare for online classes

  • please download Zoom,

  • set your device in landscape orientation facing the long side of your mat about 2m away (if you want to be seen) and make sure your mat can be seen, and not your ceiling! 

  • ensure your device is fully charged and in airplane mode, or close apps with notification bings

Those times don't work for you?  Here is a link to a pre-recorded class on Ekhart Yoga. 

Class Styles
dynamic flow
restorative flow

Special events (online for now)


PAIN & INJURIES WORKSHOP - live streamed



Live stream Click for info

HANDSTAND COURSE - postponed until further notice

Catch me if you can- special events

Private lessons & injury rehab


Private studio in Notting Hill, London W11 or ONLINE  

karma chamelion

A movement practice tailored to your body and your life. Tight shoulders? Short hamstrings? Hypermobile? Don't even know?  

Work with me if you want someone who understands bodies and their individual quirks.  

We adjust the practice according to how you feel on the day. Knackered? Full of beans? Aching from a marathon?  No problem.   

practical magic

No incense, no nonsense.  


-Arm balances.  

-Just want to move?  

If you want to develop your skills in a light-hearted and no-nonsense way, jump in.


I have trained with a large number of movement trainers across several disciplines to develop my teaching skills so that you understand what I'm teaching you and WHY.     

You'll be surprised by what you achieve.

pain in the neck



We'll work together to formulate bespoke rehab exercises to get you back in action.  Movement is medicine and a personalised approach is vital.  


Pain is one of my favourite subjects. Four years of osteopathy school, countless hours of additional pain education and 8 years working with people with all sorts of pain, plus my own injuries, I've got you.*  


My aim is to provide you with physical and mental tools and empower you.

*your recovery is very much down to YOU.  Think of me as a catalyst or facilitator, rather than a miracle healer.  I will shower you with all the TLC and rehab I can but you have to be prepared to work too. 

Hi, I'm Amy slevin


I empower people through movement and mindset.  

I love to move and have a laugh (at myself) in the process.  If you are into that too and want the group exercise vibe, check out my classes.  

I've always been into movement, from dance to parkour and lots in between.  I used to be an osteopath but switched to yoga because it was a more fun and effective way of getting people in pain better. Through movement I teach people to feel in control of their bodies (and not be afraid to lose control... it's complicated!).  

I am fascinated by pain and the mind-body connection. My own injuries and working with people in pain have led me to study how our beliefs about injuries influence pain and recovery. I give public talks and workshops on this. Click here for more.

I have been teaching fun yoga classes to the self-motivated since 2013.  FlowMotion developed as a way to combine all of the elements I enjoy in one class.  Plus the spiritual stuff isn't my bag.  

I work privately with people who want a tailored practice or who have injuries or specific movement goals.  I've assisted people with issues ranging from ankle sprains to severe back pain.  I simply help people to help themselves. 

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