can we avoid injuries?

Bulletproofing your body’ and making it resistant to injury is... a fantasy. I used to believe it was possible, but not anymore. Truth is, injuries are a natural part of being physically active and growing in skill level.

People often condemn injury; there’s an unspoken assumption that injury equates to weakness or failure (I mean, sometimes this is true, like if you were doing something stupid, but more on that in another post...).

The more we fear injury, the more likely we are to obsess about ‘correct form’, alignment and overdo things such as prehab (which ironically can cause injuries) or become risk averse and end up moving (& living) hesitantly and tentatively instead of freely and fully. Whose parents often told them ‘don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself’, and you became risk averse as a result?

This is not to say that technique isn’t important - it sometimes is - but fixating on moving a certain way because another way is ‘wrong’ and harmful is scaremongering, limiting and disempowering.

So as movers and teachers of movement we need to be realistic and accept that like shit, injuries happen, and not to panic or think we’ve failed when they do, and maybe, just maybe.... learn to love them.


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