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Yoga and then some.

FlowMotion is like yoga but different.  It's fun.  We playfully combine different movement disciplines for a creative flow experience that will get you out of your head and into your body. Inspired by yoga, dance, gymnastics, parkour and osteopathy, FlowMotion will move you in mysterious (and familiar) ways.

Escape the stress of daily life and enter a world of flowing movement to make you strong, flexible, sexy* and immortal**. 


FlowMotion is informed by Osteopathy for a safe practice.  Plus variety and tweaks to traditional yoga poses will keep you well rounded. 

FlowMotion aims to challenge and develop both brain and body through variety and mixing disciplines. There's enough consistency to allow you to master the movements. 

If you like variety, love developing new skills, feeling a sense of achievement, you will love FlowMotion. If you can laugh at yourself along the way even better.

*Sexiness is subjective.

**Claims of immortality may be exaggerated.

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 The clue's in the name. Expect to wiggle, flow, sweat and giggle in this fun, flowing, dynamic class.  We fuse yoga with movements from dance, animal locomotion, gymnastics, parkour principles and osteopathy, dynamic and static stretching, joint mobilisations. It's finished off with a well deserved relaxation. 


Real flexibility

Earn that cake (but choose kale instead)

Enhance coordination

Balance body and mind

Learn cool tricks to impress your mates

Feel lush during and after class

Better sex and sex appeal

Healthy joints and spine = healthy mind

Level 1 - beginners, no experience required

Level 2 - learn basic arm balances and inversions

Level 3 - more complex sequences with arm balances and inversions 

Tuesdays & Thursdays 8.30-9.30am at Triyoga Soho

Tuesdays & Fridays 12.30-1.45pm at Triyoga Chelsea

Saturdays 7.30-8.45pm at Triyoga Camden

Sundays 10-11.30am at Virgin Active, Clapham

dynamic flow

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A low energy mobility class for when you're tired, worn out or want to do something good for your body without too much effort. 


Experience a feeling of all-round wellness. Breathe and flow between slow movements inspired by yoga, Qi Gong, dance and instagram.  Rhythmic, repetitive actions and wiggles within stretches will unstick your myofascia better than holding an intense stretch.  This class is accompanied by soft music to soothe your soul. Your joints will feel looser, your body freer and you'll leave feeling revived.  It's delicious. 

 SlowMotion is great for:

~after work when frankly you can't be bothered but still want to do something for your body

~when you need to get out of your head without chemical intervention 

~athletes who want better mobility

~people returning from injury and need to ease into activity

~when you need to feel a little bit virtuous

Suitable for all levels


Even more chilled than SlowMotion, there are no standing movements in this class. Enjoy a bit of R & R & R with this one (restore, relax, recover).  Rhythmic wiggles help calm your mind and soothe your nervous system; it's great for busy brains,


Influenced by restorative yoga, dance, and osteopathic self-mobilisation, this class involves stretches, joint mobilisations plus breath work.  Let the movement and music lull you into a sublime state of relaxation.

Suitable for all levels

Sundays 7pm at Yogaloft, Queens Park 

restorative flow



Time and space (and technique & supervision) to nail it.

If you love a handstand but can't quite stick it, this is for you. You will learn what to do with your body and how to find balance.  Handstands are a skill  that take a while to master so don't expect perfection in one sitting. However, you will go home understanding how to place your body when handstanding and feeling closer to being able to handstand independently.


In this two hour session you will be invited you to stop adulting and start playing. You will embrace your inner (or outer) child through playful movements, which will be knitted together into fluid sequences.

Leave inhibitions and ego at the door because “mistakes” are welcome here. You’ll discover how freely you can move when you aren’t obsessing about the minutia of each movement, whilst simultaneously learning how to perform them efficiently. We will explore “valuable life skills” (like moving towards and away from the floor) in such a way that you won’t realise you’re learning.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what your body can do when you let go and flow. Expect to move in new and mysterious ways and above all else have fun!

Great for teachers looking for inspiration or seasoned practioners who seeking new challenges.

creative flow

Want to nail inversions but afraid of falling? Then you need this workshop! You will become comfortable with the floor by learning techniques to fall safely without hurting yourself.  A bit like exposure therapy, you will stare your fear in the face by deliberately falling out on inversions (in increasing levels of scariness) so many times that falling will become second nature. 

Falling with grace

– Are you frustrated by pain or injury? 

– Do you feel limited by it? 

– Do you fear you’ll never get better?


This workshop will give you:

– tools to help you overcome pain

– clarity into your perceptions of pain and injury.

– new and safe ways to move again.


There are 2 components to pain: the pain itself and the meaning we give it. For example, if we've been told we have a 'slipped disc' we often believe we are severely damaged, which can make the pain worse and limit our lives. 


But injuries need not be as bad as you think and I demonstrate this by sharing "rethinking" techniques, some bite-sized pain science, case studies, plus my own recovery experience. 


You will be asked questions about your pain, to help you identify specific contributing stressors and work through them to repackage your pain into something that is helpful rather than hindering.


There will be a short movement practice similar to a posture clinic and you will be guided to find ways of moving through and around your injury that feel good. Via these methods we will see how it is possible to reconsider pain and injuries and enjoy moving again. 


No yoga experience necessary.


Inversions, such fun but they can be tough little b*tches.  This workshop focuses on headstands and forearm balances.  In this workshop you will experiment with different ways to enter inversions and how to find balance. Expect to use the wall and work in partners.  You will have plenty of time to practice headstands and forearm balances and variations thereof.  If you're afraid of falling I'd recommend my Falling With Grace workshop (or a private lesson) first. 


Crow, side crow, koundinyasana and more. Level 1 Lift Off! Will look at the foundations of arm balances from the hands up.  If you can chaturanga or do a push up, you can do an arm balance.  Learn how strength is only half the story. Technique and repetition are the other half. Level 2 Beyond Bakasana: Once you've nailed crow and side crow we'll look at harder arm balances and putting them into flowing sequences. 

Arm BALAnces


Pain, injuries and the mind-body connection are my key subjects.  I have accumulated a vast bank of experience and knowledge through my years working with my students' pain, as well as my own. Pain and injuries are often here to teach us something, although it can be difficult to see what that message is. I explain how realising how our pain and injuries are helping us rather than hindering us is the key to freeing ourselves from their grasp. 

Enquire about organising Flowmotion at your studio/event or private lessons. You know you want me.

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