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transform your relationship with pain & illness 

4 week course - starting January 2021

Life's Beautiful

Goodbye 2020, hello fresh perspective

Has 2020 left you with emotional baggage?

Feeling shellshocked and drained? 

Then join me on this workshop where we will transform your thinking and bring you a fresh perspective.  (Swipe for more info)

YOU MISSED IT! But you don't need to miss out - contact me for your own dedicated session. 

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Want to do inversions but too afraid? Want to know what to do if you fall? What if there was a workshop that could teach you how to fall without it being a big deal?

This workshop is for people who want to do inversions but are too scared to do them without a wall.


You will learn techniques to fall without calamity so that you build confidence and eventually balance upside down. You will face your fear head-on by deliberately falling, with assistance to begin with.

There'll be plenty of time, support and patience to get you to past your fear so that you can take your inversion away from the wall and into the centre of the room.


Prepare to move around a lot and get comfortable with the floor. Falling is inevitable. At least we can do it with some confidence.